Now is the time to be thinking about creating some outdoor water fun if you have a bunch of kids home for the summer an no built in swimming pool. They don’t have to be left out as there are plenty of diy outdoor water fun that you can create in no time at all.

Lets start off with some light fun like bubble blowing.

bubble snakes

image source; housingaforest

The best part is they are easy to make and use things that I had laying around my house.  Perfect! All you need is an empty water bottle from your recycling, duct tape, a sock that is missing its match (which we seem to have an abundance of), dish soap and some food coloring.

check out the full instructions which are soo easy the kids can make these fantastic bubble blowers.


water wallsimage source:P is for preschoolers

Pre schoolers around water can be a dangerous thing, but building a water wall for them to play with makes it a little safer and provides them with hours of fun. You will find lots of cool ideals here for building water walls that you can customize. You will have plenty of things laying around the house that you can improvise with.


Just a cool off idea:

water blobs

image source:hello wonderful


These mini water beds are fantastic as a way to let the kids cool off without actually having to provide a water source. They are super easy to make and you can add some aquatic creatures to them to jazz them up bit. Find out how here.

Noodles of Fun:

In the past the kids have probably loved running through the old run of the mill sprinkler that you have for watering your flowers, but once you build this one for them, then there will just be nothing to beat it…

sprinkler funimage source:momfluential

Check this out for the full instructions on how to make this noodle wash

If you are really energetic then you have got to go for this balloon slip and slide


balloon slip and slide


image source: Hallmark channel


  • 200 water balloons
  • 1 roll of industrial plastic
  • 8 pool noodles
  • Waterproof tape
  • Hot glue & hot glue gun
  • Baby shampoo

For the easy to follow instructions go here to the Hallmark channel


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