Pool Noodles can be used for much more than floating around in the swimming pool, and both you and the kids are going to love some of the ideas that follow so you can have oodles of diy fun with pool noodles.

Noodle games for the entire family:

Turning your noodles into rings opens up a bunch of exciting games that you can make with them, like ring toss for example.

noodle ringsimage source>parents

If you aren’t sure how to turn your pool noodle into the perfect ring then click on the image link to get the how to instructions

Kids love to bat things around, but giving them a real bat to do so can be pretty dangerous. Just look at how much using a noodle bat can bring.

noodle bats

image source; listolic


For the slightly older ones you may want to turn them into light sabres and let them have their own starwar adventures…click on the image source to get the instructions

noodle sabresimage source:muddyboots


For the kids who put up a fuss at bath time you can say good bye to that by making this bath water falls out of noodles and a few other household items. It is so much fun you just might want to get into the bath with them.

bath tub noodles

image source: bath activities for kids

Click on the image source for some other great bath time games that turn this into a fun time.


If you are looking for some great diy decorations for a party then you are going to love this video…




Noodles for the big kids!

Okay now we know that noodles were originally made for the kids but guess what they can be turned into some really nifty home decor, and one of our favorites is this one…

noodle pedestalimage source:EPBOT

Obviously we weren’t trying to match the RH columns exactly; I decided to go for more of a clean-cut stone or plaster look instead of distressed wood. Stone is much easier to fake than wood, and besides, you see more stone columns anyway.Other than a little scrap wood for the base & cap, this is all you need to make your own pool noodle column:

Be sure to visit EPBOT for the really great instructions to make this column it really is super cool.
Want to do some floor cleaning, but just don’t have the right mop? Then head on out to the shed and grab the rake, and one of the kids noodles on the way back in. Then just look at the image below and you are well on your way to making your own noodle floor cleaner.
noodle floor cleanerimage source:familyhandyman
If you are into the camping scene and using the bush for those “must go” moments then at least you can do so with a little comfort and saying thank you to another use for the noodle!
honey bucket noodle
image source:budget101
So there you have some really neat noodle ideas, now let’s see what you can come up with and be sure to post it here so we can share

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