There are tons of accessories that we fill our homes with, and when we do it is our personal touches with these that make it our homes. Now with the diy trend people are even getting more enjoyment with being able to make some great items for their home that makes it unique. One that is really becoming a hot diy topic is diy clocks. Let’s face it every home has a least one right? So why not make yours one of a kind because you made it. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

domino clockimage source:trend hunter

You can get the idea of how to make this just by looking at it. Finding the dominoes will be no problem at all for you and they are super cheap to buy. It is really neat that the numbers from the dominoes work perfectly.

A Cuckoo Clock:

If you really want something whimsical and quick and easy to make then this is the project for you…

cuckoo clockimage source:everkelly

I don’t know if you’ve been to any craft stores lately, but I keep seeing unpainted wooden bird houses everywhere.  The small versions used in this project only cost a $1.  Every time I saw them, I kept wishing they were cuckoo clocks.  That’s when it hit me: why not make your own?

cuckoo clock materials

check out these instructions


If you want a clock that not only gives you the time but makes a fantastic art statement then check out this video


Perfect for a child’s room

childs clockimage source:gingerbreadhouse

All you need to use this idea is to find the right small toys that are about. Better check with the kids first though to make sure they approve of their belongings being used in this manner.


Sometimes simple is beautiful:

simple clockimage source:homedit

You can easily buy your walk clock pieces from any craft store, and with the wide selection they will have you can create the look that is going to fit in perfectly with your decor.

Here is an excellent resource for some clock face printables

clock printables

image source:in my own style

This has a winter look to it, but you could easily turn this into a spring/summer look

If you have a man cave that needs decorating, or even want a fantastic look for your bar area then this is a great idea for you

beer clockimage source:britco

If beer bottles aren’t to you taste then soda bottles would work well and might be ideal for your young lad’s room



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