Here is a quick DIY project for the ladies.  These laced up tops are very popular this season and it may interest you to know that the laced up neckline that you see below can easily be recreated at home. It is possible to spruce up some of those old tops that you were considering throwing away.

As you will see the effect is suitable for quite a few occasions, lazing around the pool or for just keeping cool on the hot days of summer.

DIY Grommet TopDIY Grommet Top

You need:

  • Button Up Shirt
  • Cord
  • Grommets
  • Grommet Maker
  • Mallet

DIY Laced Top

How to:

1. Remove the buttons from your shirt.

DIY Laced Top

2. On the side which you removed the buttons from. mark where you will create a matching set of holes parallel to your button holes.

DIY Laced Top

3. Place the top of your grommet through your button hole.

DIY Laced Top



This is such an easy project, but the effect is simply stunning. You will love the uniqueness. We all have a lot of old tops that we probably will never wear again.  With this quick hack, you can bring those tops back to life!

On the following page you will find a laced up dress that you can recreate at home too.

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