You never know when having the knowledge of how to make your own oven can come in handy. While we all take our electrical power for granted there have been the rare occassion where we had had to do without power for a few days, for many of us having some of these DIY ovens to rely on would have been of a great help.

A tandoor oven:

tandoor ovenimage source:off the grid news


…So what’s the point of this story? What can a tandoor do for survivalists in America? Well, it’s an easy-to-build oven, it can provide a low-light option for cooking, and it’s highly efficient. They can be built nearly anywhere you can find dirt, water and sticks.

A tandoor requires four materials: dirt, water, some sticks, and a flat piece of metal. Optionally, you can add sand and hay to increase the strength. A shovel also makes it much easier to mix up the mud, but it can be done with hands if you aren’t afraid of getting dirty.

For the full and very impressive step by step how to build a tandoor oven click on the image link


If you want to build something a little more simple and a little bigger at the same time, then this video will tell you everything you need to know…


If you are looking for the perfect way to cook pizza outdoors and you want a quick and easy oven method to use and build then this is it…

So how about letting the sun do your cooking for you. Yep that’s right solar cooking is what it is called and you will be amazed at what you can cook with a solar oven…but before getting into building one, there are some basics that you should know about solar cooking,

solar ovenimage source:greywolfsurvival


So, in order to make something that uses solar energy to cook with, it has to pull in as much heat as possible and release as little as possible. Making an efficient solar cooker is pretty much working with both of these concepts until you’re tired of the math, run out of money or resources, or it doesn’t make sense to mess with it anymore. There are a LOT of different concepts using solar energy to cook with but I’m not gonna go over every freaking thing here. If you want to go into intimate detail, start digging through the research on google or get a book like Cooking With Sunshine. Of course, if you don’t want to mess with the theory and you just want to buy a way to save money and cook without gas or wood, just get a Global Sun Oven and be done with it. Here’s a pretty good pic that explains what each are.

Continue reading at greywolfsurvival for an excellent explanation of what cooking with solar power is all about.


Now lets get down to building your own Solar Power Oven…

Basically the solar oven consists of a box for the food and a glass cover to admit and trap heat inside the container. The box shown is made from galvanized iron but could as well have been aluminum for lighter weight. The reflector panels are of aluminum.

Besides the sheet metal parts, we need a piece of double-strength window glass, a sealing strip for the pane and 3 handles. We will insulate the box with spun glass material 2 inches thick for greater heat retention.

16 square feet of 28-gauge galvanized iron
24 No. 6, 3/8-inch sheet metal screws
12 square feet of 2-inch fiberglass insulation
22-by-24 inches of double-strength window glass
3 drawer pulls
On spray can flat black paint
6 2-inch roofing nails
8 feet of sealer strip
4 pieces of .025-by-22-by-24-inches aluminum sheeting
4 small turn-buttons with installation hardware

continue reading the full instructions and how to at motherearthnews



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