We have done a few posts on wall art and a lot of people have loved it. So we thought we would continue with the wall art theme and focusing on trees because they look so spectacular. We hope you are as excited about this diy tree wall art as what we are.

Let’s begin with some good wall painting techniques

TREE WALL PAINTINGimagesource:ucreatecrafts


I am a SAHM of 2 beautiful/slightly crazy girls and I have the best husband in the world that lets me redecorate our house on a whim.  I love finding crap that no one wants and making it Craptastic…which is clearly better.  I loves me an amped up version of a knockoff, and just you know, creating!  I have a disease where I can not do a small project.  I love massive amounts of change (and the smell of fresh paint).  I would love for you to jump over to Vintage Revivals sometime and say hi! I think that so many people are just plain fearful of new things, especially new crafty things….continue reading for the amazing tutorial


Just to give you an idea of where your new creative talent could be used, how about in a child’s room, this is spectacular

childs treeimage source:wouldyoubemine


If you are looking for something with texture, then you will want to delve into this one, or one of the others that we talked about in our other wall art posts

sculptured treeimage source:goodideasforyou

Check out our other posts on wall art for some insight as to how you can do this type of wall art


If you aren’t quite sure what to do with those drab tiles around your tub, then maybe this will give you some inspiration. You are going to want to check out the specialty paints to see which ones would first adhere to your tiles, then withstand the water.

bath muralimage source:appliedartsstudio

If you are not quite into the full wall scene then how about starting a little smaller and creating some magnificent diy wall tree art pictures

tree picturesimagesource:indulgy

Couldn’t find any instructions for this but the image is pretty self explanatory

If you can’t decide between hanging wall art and using a tree on the wall as your focal point then you are going to love this idea because it meets both your needs…

photo treeimage source:simpleshapes


So if you are going to tackle painting trees on your wall then you are also going to want to know how to paint some of their embellishments like their blossoms or leaves. One of the most beautiful blossoms in cherry blossoms and this video will help you to accomplish this.

To make your leave painting easier you can always make a stencil or buy one which will speed up the time


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