Life doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive and basically we choose to make it that way. Sure we all love the fancy barbecues and outdoor cookers, but if you really want to cook some awesome meals outdoors without all the fancy equipment then you are going to love the DIY Rocket Stove.

It doesn’t get any easier than this one in the video. But we will show you some other versions.


If you want something a little fancier and more permanent but also is going to take a little more work then the following video is a great one to follow…


If you are going camping naturally you don’t want to be dragging along of extras to do your cooking on, so if space is a premium then you can scale down your cooking equipment to a few tin cans. Now there is going to be a compromise here because the amount of heat that you have for cooking on is going to be quite limited. It will serve the purpose though for some one pot cooking.

mini rocket stove

image source: instructables

Items you will need:
1 – No. 10 Can (Standard restaurant size can. Mine was a pineapple chunks can from a local pizza parlor. They gave it to me free.)
4 – Regular soup cans (Standard 8oz Campbell’s Soup cans)
Insulation material. I used Perlite. It’s cheap and available at any garden center. I had it on hand for my garden. You can use sand, dirt, ashes, foam, any insulator.

Tin snips
Hammer and nail (to punch starter holes)
Pliers (makes bending the metal a little easier, but not totally necessary)

Click on the image link for the full instructions


Okay so there you have a few quick ideas for making some variations of the Rocket Stove, but we thought we would throw in a few quick ideas for some great meals that you can cook over these. There is no way that you need multiple burners to have a tasty meal, so try some of these out …

skewer baconimage source:zestuous

Instead of cooking your bacon in a pan, why not put it on a skewer and cook it that way. It tastes every bit as good and you can cook a lot more even or a small surface like your rocket stove.

You can easily whip up a pan of yummy cheesy potatoes that is going to be a hearty meal and again is a one pan gem.

potatoe dishimage source: one sweet appetite

Click on the image source for the ingedients and how to.

Another simple and easy meal is a all in one dish that you wrap in aluminum foil. You put a good scoop of lean hamburg in the foil, add some thinly sliced potatoes and some onion rings on top. Wrap it up tightly and place the foil pouches on top of the flame and turn them every few minutes. It will take about 45 minutes for the ingredients to cook, but it is well worth the wait.

The ideas we have given you here are really great for off the grid living, but also for other purposes. For those that don’t want to buy another type of cooking stove like a barbecue and really want to keep it simple, and enjoy some outdoor foods then this rocket stoves are great. If you are going camping and are cramped for space they are another great resource.

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