We all have a collection of buttons around the house, but if you don’t then after seeing some of these projects you are going to want to head out to the dollar store to buy a whack of them. It is amazing what you can do with these besides collecting them in a jar.

button shirt


image source:jensownroad

Here is a really neat idea for sprucing up a plain white tee-shirt for example. This is just to give you an example how buttons can be used on clothing other than for the reasons they were made for.


If you have an old lampshade don’t thrown it out. You can just adorn it with buttons and turn it into a real modern piece. If the multi colors are too much for you, then just buy a bunch of same colored buttons.

button lampshadeimage source:jamiebrock


If you are into the wall art, then here is a great idea for turning your wall into a focal point.


image source:pinterest

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Everyone has at least one mirror in their home, but if you really want to make it stand out and be something special with very little cost, then here is an idea for you…

button mirrorsource:roselypignataro



If you happen to be cleaning out grandma’s closets and come across a button jar, be sure to look through it carefully for any vintage buttons. If you are lucky enough to find one which you should be, then you can make it into a ring for yourself or your daughter. What a wonderful keepsake that would make.


image source:cherishedvintange

How about a button bowl that is surely going to turn into a conversation piece.

button bowlimage source:sadtohappy

Click on the link to go to the step by step to create this fun bowl

If you are into making your own art then this one gives you a great example. If you are not the greatest one at drawing, then just buy some stencils and trace them out on paper then fill them in with the buttons. Or if you are doing a child’s room a great resource is a coloring book.

hummingbird button


Monograms are a big trend right now, and using buttons to create them is a great way to spruce up a home with something different

button monogramimage source:brightstartkids


So there you have a few ideas to get you going with some button crafts. Let your imagination go free now with what you can do with them. They are great for embellishing clothes. Let’s say your young one has a stain on her favorite blouse. Now you could make a flower button design to cover it. Or if you wanted to spruce up a pair of plain white socks, then sew a row of pretty buttons around the cuff.

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