Diy Shadow Boxes Made With Love

June 30, 2015

Shadow boxes are something that have been around for years and years. For awhile they become a trend then they drift into the background for a time. But they never completely fade away.


For the brides:

There is no better way to preserve and display the bridal bouqet than in a shadow boxwedding shadow boximage source: heritagegown


If you aren’t quite sure how to make a shadow box this may help…

shadow box instructionsimage source:shanty-2-chic

This is such simple project, and a great way to reuse old frames or to dress up cheap frames.  I started with some old frames I used on my old photo wall.  Most of these frames were from Walmart and Hobby Lobby, and they were all super cheap.  I started by taking the glass and backing out and removing any hardware on the back leaving a blank frame.  Then, I measured both sides of the frames….click on the image source for some great step by step instructions.

wedding shadow boximage source: etsy

This is a great idea for a wedding. Instead of having your guests sign a guest book, have them sign a heart and put it into the drop box. If you don’t want to make one of these you can buy it from etsy. You could vary it as well by having them sign other small objects. Once you get it home you can open it up and lay all the hearts out so the signatures are showing if this doesn’t happen naturally.


Shadow boxes are really meant to tell a story or portray a feeling. Here is an example of one doing just that. You can use your own creativity and create something similar, or totally different, it is all up to your imagination

story shadow boximage source:remove and replace

Preserving the infant years is something that many of us love to to do. We hang onto the first hat and first pics for years to come. There is no better way to preserve them than in a shadow box…

babyshadowboximage source:mamasandpapas

If you want to get extra creative, you can complete some diy projects then add them to a shadow box. You are certainly making a double statement of your creativity when you do this.

creative shadow boximage source:alittlecraftinyourday

You now have enough ideas to get you started on creating diy shadow boxes. Remember these are real memory keepers. Don’t just think about them for yourself, but consider making them as gifts. They truly can be a gift from the heart that will be treasured.


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