Can you imagine taking a ride in a hot air balloon? There are plenty of places around where you can do this, but not many people really get the chance. They are a most intriguing venue and the next best things to the real ones are the diy hot air balloons.

Lets get you started with a good sized one that is really going to impress your neighbors…

floating hot air balloon

image source: alinakelo

You will have to purchase a few items if you want to duplicate this look, or you may be able to convert one of the other diy hot air balloon projects into this look. Click on the image link for the instructions. Can you image how much your young one will love to have a few of these in their room.

What a wonderful theme to use as a baby mobile. This would make a great diy gift for a baby shower.

baby mobileimage source:craftschmaft


decorative hot air balloonimage source:craftandcreativity

I thought I’d show you how you can make pretty hot air balloons out of plain paper lamps (Chinese lanterns). What you need is first and foremost one or several round paper lanterns. The lanterns will be covered with decoupage paper (tissue paper or patterned napkins also work well) and in addition to that you need decoupage lacquer (or Mod Podge) and a brush. I used Baker’s twine for strings. Small baskets can be found at the flea market for a small penny, or you can use a paper bag or an old tin can. My basked was painted with white acrylic paint and decorated with a piece of Baker’s twine and pennants made of fabric tape. …
please click on the image link for the great instructions on how to make these

Okay now the real thing!

Do you dare to build your own hot air balloon? It really isn’t something that you should attempt without professional advice. We are just giving you some information here for fun only, we don’t expect you to carry through with this unless like we said you have the proper professional advice, and besides you would most likely need a licence to fly it anyway. Having said that there is no reason why you couldn’t make a mock one that isn’t meant for real flying if you want to draw some attention to your home!. Just make sure the wind isn’t going to take off with it, that could be dangerous for low flying aircraft and bird life.


image source: skychariot

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