Can you believe that you can actually make diy glow in the dark foods that are edible. There are ton of different ways that you can really make these stand out. For special event they are surely going to be the life of the party. For a kid’s sleep over can you imagine setting up a table with glow in the dark foods and have the lights off when the guests walk into the food area!

Lets start with diy glow in the dark jello:

glowindarjelloimage source:bonappetit

Bonappetit discovered that if you add tonic water to the jello water it becomes a glow in the dark treat.


How about some glow in the dark cupcakes?

These are sure to be a party pleaser

glow in the dark cupcakesimage source:hoosierhomemade

To make these really stand out in a dark room you will need a black light


First you will need to frost your cupcakes. The recipe is below, but essentially it’s frosting with Tonic Water added. I found that using a star tip for decorating was best. We also tried orange frosting, but the white turned out best. After the cupcakes are frosted, pop them into the freezer while you make the jello…click on the image link for the full instructions.

How about glow in the dark cotton candy

glow in the dark cotton candy

image source:blovelyevents


Thirsty Anyone…For adults only

This alcoholic beverage will surely create a glow in more ways than one…

glow in the dark cocktailimage source:recipefordrinks

It’s the old tonic water trick again…click on the link for the ingredients


So lets end the glow in the dark food party with a glowing cake…

glow in the dark cakeimage source: craftsy

This one is just an example of what you can do with the glow icing. You can use your own favorite cake recipe then just use the glow in the dark frosting that you can make in your own chosen colors.

Craftsy has an excellent tutorial for making glow in the dark frosting.

So there you have some great glow in the dark food ideas, but don’t forget to check out our other glow in the dark projects too.

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