Buying utility trailers is not cheap but the good news is you can build  your own, and there are various versions that you can create, depending on your needs and interests…

 utility trailer basicimage source:wcwelding

You will only need some basic metal work skills  to accomplish this. Click on the image link for the detailed instructions.


How about a motorcycle trailer? Yes you can build one of your own


bike trailerimage source:pbmotorcycletrailer

Building a motorcycle cargo trailer is not as complicated as its seems. When broken down into its most basic components, it’s only a frame on two wheels attached to the back of a motorcycle. Making it look good, is where it gets a little tricky. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to stick to function over form. However, the completed project will look great at a small fraction of what a retail trailer would cost.

please check out pbmotorcycletrailer for the very good build instructions


How about a trailer to tow behind your ride on lawnmower…

lawnmower trailerimage source:instructables

If you thinking of doing some lawn services in your neighborhood then this would be an ideal trailer for hauling the extra items that you need to work with. To build your own check out the great instructions by clicking on the image link.


If you are really thinking of going big with your building, then why not build a shipping container. That is of course if you have a need for one. Then you might want to think about converting one into a small convertible home.

shipping containerimage source: instructables

If you like this idea and really want to take it a big big step further then think about building this then transforming it into a shipping container home. Don’t worry we’ll give you plenty of hints on how to do this in another post. Click on the image link for some good instructions for building the one in the image.


Remember that when you are building anything that you are going to haul that it has to be compliant with the rules and regulations in your area. You also have to keep in mind what your vehicle is capable of hauling.


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