There are lots of things you can do with old bedsheets besides cutting them up into rags. You are going to be so impressed with some of these ideas that you will heading off to your thrift store to buy a whole bunch more.

Let’s look at something really rustic for the homesteaders, or for those just starting to take an in interest in going simple. Here is an idea for a waterproof tarp…

diy oil skin tarpimage source:beforeitsnews

This is a pretty detailed project but one that you might enjoy. Click on the image link for instructions.

When it comes to decor you are going to love what you can do and this wreath made from bed sheets is a prime example.

bedsheet wreathimage source:twoshadesofpink

Please visit twoshadesofpink as they have put a lot of hard work into making this wreath and are generous with their instructions so you can have fun making one too.

If you are in need of a rug, and happen to have a old hoola hoop laying around, and some old sheets then here is a great project for you.

hoola hoop rugimage source:pinterest

How to do this is self explanatory in the picture. If you don’t have enough sheets but have plenty of old tee-shirts then you can use these instead.

Look at the clothing that can be made from old sheets with just a little bit of sewing…

bedsheet dressimage source:sewcountrychick

You can use any bought dress pattern to do this with, or if you have a favorite dress that is worn out, then take it apart and use it as your pattern.

If you are looking for something to lie on in the backyard then how about turning an old bedsheet into a hammock.bedsheet hammock

image source:practicalprimitive

Just click on the image link for a great how to explained through photos


There are plenty of ideas that will come to you once you start focusing on what bedsheet can be used for. Of course there is the plain old fun of giving one or two to the kids to build their indoor or outdoor fort with. What an inexpensive way to keep the kids busy for next to nothing and for hours at a time.

Fab throw pillows from thow away sheets:

bedsheet pillowsimage source:littlepinkmonster

First you’ll need to cut out the basic pillowcase pieces. One big square for the front (19″ x 19″) & two rectangles that will make the envelope opening in the back. The length of these rectangles is going to be the same as the length of the pillow + 1″ for seam allowance (19″), for the width you’ll want to take 1/2 of your width + 4″ so the pieces will overlap. (13″). Also I was sure to line up my fabric so that the “envelope” seam was already part of the sheet’s finished hem, if you’re not using a sheet now would be a good time to hem that side of the rectangle.. click on image link for the entire detailed instructions

So these are just a few of the ideas for recycling your old bed sheets. Keep in mind ideas like using them to make lamp shade, covers, napkins and even converting them into quilts. We gave you one idea for a piece of clothing but expand your thinking for these beyond a dress into comfy pjs, skirts, tops, and even for embellishing shorts that are a little too short.


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