Not all that long ago making go carts was a big thing for the kids. Now they want those expensive mini cars that cost a fortune, but once you introduce them to this almost forgotten kids roadster you are going to find that your diy go Kart is going to become the favorite of both your youngsters and you. These are loads of fun to make and you will be amazed at just how fast they can actually go, yet still remain safe. It isn’t just the kids that want them as go cart racing is something that the adults find quite amusing as well.

So if you are ready to get started then this first video is going to impress you as the go cart is powered by a simple hand drill. Although the instructions aren’t detailed it does show you enough that you should be able to figure out how to build one. Make sure that you include the kids in the building process as well, as this is part of the fun.




If you want some diy go Kart ideas that you can follow on paper then this may be more to your liking…

go kart plansimage source:popular mechanics

If you want to purchase plans where you will have a selection to choose from then one source that you can use is

When it comes to building go karts just about anything goes when it comes to finding the parts for the frame.


electric go karts

image source:instructables

This one you see in the image is an electric version using a GE36V motor. For some great images and details for building a version of this Go Kart click on the image source link.


Here is a another example of how easy these can be made



Just remember that even though these home made go karts are small and tons of fun that the proper protective gear should be worn. Helmets are a must and you should also install a seat belt.

Pedal Cars:

If you really want to build a cart but need something more detailed here is another option for buying the plans. If you want to buy the parts as well and basically assemble it yourself then that is a great option to. It still would be the cheaper way to go then buying a pre-built one.

go karts diyimage source:americanspeedster

At American speedster you have the option of just buying the plans or the parts as well.


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