There is a good chance that you have an old bike or two laying around the home that the kids have simply outgrown. Now might be an excellent time for some diy bike transformations that are fantastic, and really useful too.

Now if you don’t want to buy an expensive lawnmower… and you have a old bike laying around, then just pick up one of the old fashioned push mowers and convert it into this amazing grass cutter. Oh by the way, you can also class this as part of your exercise regime too!

sobike mower

image source:treehugger

Just in case you are wondering if it really works or not this video just may confirm it as a version of one that does…


If you just aren’t into riding a bike then maybe you would want to put it to use like this

bike gateimage source:blogtimesunion


While we may enjoy bike riding to go about our daily travels, more often than not we have no place to carry the many extras that we may need. This may no longer be a problem if you decide to build this quick and easy trailer…


sbike trailers

image source:instructables

Don’t forget that whenever you are towing anything no matter what the source is for doing this there may be bi-laws and regulations that you have to adhere to for your region.


Perhaps hauling things with your bike is not quite to your liking, but you need a convenient way to carry things. Then if thats the case go for these diy bike saddle bags.

bike saddle bags

image source:patternpile

What I used:

  • 1/2 yard oil cloth fabric (basically table cloth fabric) for the exterior

  • 1/2 yard oil cloth fabric for the lining.  If you use a different fabric, you might need more.  (most  table cloth fabrics are very wide to fit over the width a table)

  • 2 packages of piping (I had 5 yards  or 4 meter in total)

  • 2 pieces of needle point canvas ( 24″x 12″ or  60cm x 30cm)

  • interfacing – i used it on my exterior fabric, but not sure wtih the needlepoint canvas if that is necessary. but i did it prior to deciding to use the needlepoint canvas for form)

  • yarn to stich corners of needlepoint canvas together

  • matching thread

  • velcro to connect bag to rack

click on the image link for the full instructions

Now this following idea is really going to blow you away. How about an electric bike that not only propels you but lets you carry lots of stuff safely and conveniently…

electric bike

image source: electricbicycletrailer

If you click on the image source you can purchase the complete plans for building this bike, and the following is a video showing it in action.


Ok now if you are ready to start enjoying yourself on a bike ride where you want to enjoy some company then consider doing something like this for the two of you. Can you imagine the fun you will both in building it and then using it!


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