I bet there are always bananas in your house to be enjoyed and like the rest of us once consumed the peel ends up in the garbage. Well after you read these few hints, we bet that will no longer be the case. In fact, you just might start eating more bananas so you can put these banana peels ideas to good use!

How about those nasty mosquito bites?


It never fails when you are away camping you remember to bring the repellant but forget to bring something for the mosquito bites when they do occur. Hopefully you have brought some bananas along for snacks and if so then you have a natural bug bite remedy with you. Just rub the inside of the peel on the bite and you should soon feel some relief from the itch.

All Natural Teeth Whitener:

If you really want to whiten up your teeth but you don’t want to be using all those chemicals to do it, then no problem. Just gather up some banana peels and strawberries…

banana teeth whiteningimage source:tipsforher

Just click on the image link for some simple instructions on how to use these fruits as a teeth whitener.


Fighting Acne?

Again if you are into the natural scene then when it comes to your acne no doubt you would much prefer to use something more natural. Once again the banana comes to the rescue.

banana peel for acneimage source:blog.kanelstrand.com


Oh No! Poison Ivy?

Some say the banana peel is ideal for clearing up this nasty and contagious skin condition. It said to dry up the rash quickly.


Banana Peels for Headaches?…Maybe

There has been a lot of talk about banana peels helping with headaches. Then there has been a lot of talk about this just being plain hog wash.

Those for it say that it helps because with some head aches the electrical signals between the living cells has been compromised. The banana peel is supposed to act as a conductor.  The banana peel can do no harm, but headaches really should be checked out by a health care provider.

Bananas for a little clean up:

Some people swear by the cleansing properties of banana peels when it comes to cleaning leather shoes or putting the shine back into silver.

Banana Peels In the Garden:

banana peels in the garden

Want beautiful roses? Then save those banana peels and just bury them one inch under the soil around your rose bushes. If you are aren’t sure about this, then why not do an experiment. Try it on one rose bush, and don’t do it on the other.

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