There are so many wonderful things that you can do with old barrels that you will surely get hooked on transforming them into some very useful things of beauty. These diy old barrel ideas have become one of our favorite projects and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as we do.

If you are looking for a subtle but impressive way to light up your front porch or any outdoors area of your home, then don’t you think this would be an amazing way to do it.

light barrelsimage source:pinterest



There is no shortage of the types of planters that you can turn an old barrel into but some are really more unique than others. Here is one that thought was really different and quite impressive…

barrel planter


Now who wouldn’t want a train like this showing the finest of what nature has to offer…

train barrelsimage source:thegardeningcook

Not everyone has access to wood barrels and in some regions they can be quite expensive. No problem though because here is a neat way to take a plastic barrel and transform it into a wood looking one…

plastic barrel conversionsimage source:instructables


If you like to entertain and there just isn’t enough room in the fridge to keep the bubbly cold then you are going to love having one of these. Just hunt down a good sized whiskey barrel and start converting

Don’t underestimate the use of a wine or whiskey barrel for converting it into furniture, either for indoors or outdoors.


barrel tableimage source:daisypickblogspot


How about making your own barbecue out of barrel…

barrel cookerimage source:instructables

Who says it has to be fancy as long as it works

I had to make a base and the only things around were some old chain-link fence posts that I’d never taken to the dump and some scrap plywood I’d demoed out of a creepy room in my basement.

I cut 6 posts at different lengths – 2 the length of the barrel & 4 for the legs. I wanted to bbq to be portable so the best way for that was for the barrel to sit on top of the stand. Two posts held the barrel while the 4 legs were attached by drilling holes for the carriage bolts on either end. To attach keep the legs sturdy I secured them with pieces of plywood. Put the barrel on top and it stood tall and proud… please visit here for the full instruction.


Looking for a good source of heat…well then you may like this easy solution…

barrel stoveimage source: instructables

Please click on the image link for the full and very detail instructions which also includes the necessary safety precautions.


One last thing for the garden and for entertaining…what better way then to keep those cold refreshments super cold…

barrel coolerIf you can’t anywhere to purchase barrels in your neighborhood then you can get them at

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