Shopping carts are something that all of us use at some point in time when we go off to do our shopping. Now we have a few other good uses for them here, with these shopping cart transformations, but we don’t recommend that you borrow one from your local grocery store without asking. If they happen to be getting rid of a few old ones however, then be sure to grab it.

shopping cart bikeimage source:instructables

If you need to go to the grocery store, and your mode of transportation is a bike, then you must admit this is a great solution. The stores may not let you ride your bike around in it to do your shopping, but what a great way to get all those groceries home.


shopping cart tool carrierimage source; instructables

What a fantastic idea and way to move a bunch a tools around. Easy to make too when you get your hands on a old shopping cart. Just click on the image link for the simple instructions.

specialneedscartimage source:b-metro

Here is a very innovative mom who has a special needs child and needed a modified shopping cart which wasn’t available. So she took it upon herself to make one. Although the plans are not available for this, it is enough for you to perhaps think about being creative if this is a situation you are in.

shopping cart birdhouseimage source:trendhunter

Now you would have to do some fairly substantial modifications to turn a standard shopping cart into a home for your bird, but it would be fun wouldn’t it? And really a great way for being able to change the scenery for your feathered friend by just being able to push him to new locations.


shopping cart storageimage source:pinterest

This idea makes for easy storage in the laundry room, or perhaps in hubby’s work room. It is quick and easy and could be made to be quite sturdy.

shopping cart loungeimage source:recyclart

Now you may not quite have the artistic talent to create this lounge but it just shows what can be done with a shopping cart.


shopping cart chairimage source:netorama

Gosh if you had someone in the house who had trouble walking long distances, and you didn’t want to spend a fortune for a wheel chair, or walker then maybe this would work.

shopping cart veggie garden

image source:wallace garden

What a great idea if you are stuck for space. You can have an abundance of veggies growing out of just one shopping cart.


Many of us Moms take our kids shopping with us and of course we put them in the shopping carts. The problem is so many people handle these carts throughout the day that they are not really the most sanitary item. Also, they are not really that comfortable and the little ones soon get cranky. Why not make your own shopping cart cover that is going to provide some great solutions for some of these issues.

shopping cart padimage source:sleepingbaby


Here is another version


shopping cart cover twoimage source:litcentric

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