Peg boards have been around for a long time, but we don’t give them full credit of what we can actually do with them. In fact some people think they are unattractive and if used then they should be hidden away. Once you take a look at some of these diy peg board ideas you might change your mind.

One of the most useful places to use a peg board is in the craft room. You may be thinking that you have far too many items that just won’t hang on this, but perhaps this will change your mind…

craft peg boardimage source:decoratingyoursmallspace

Click on the image link to discover plenty of other ideas for using up small space areas effectively.

Don’t jump to the conclusion that small items can’t be gathered and then put into small containers and hung on a peg board. These little pail ideas are terrific and most likely you can get them at your local dollar store.

peg boards with pails

image source: pinterest

Don’t think that peg boards should only be used in out of the way places. Your kitchen is just one room where you can put this important resource to good use…

kitchen peg board useimage source: apartmenttherapy

Here is a unit you can actually buy if you don’t want to diy…. and its an amazing idea…

cupboard peg boardimage source:thehardwarehut

If you want to pretty up your peg board a little so it looks more appealing then take a look at this…

pegboard art

image source:agirlandagluegun

If you have an ugly looking wall or need to camouflage some pipes then why not let peg board do the job for you…


image source:organizing made fun

Click on the image link for some great instructions how to accomplish this


Organizing your cleaning closet will never be easier once you start putting peg board to work for you…

cleaning closet pegboardimage source:pinterest

Don’t forget to paint your pegboard in interesting patterns like this so it really creates a beautiful piece.


If you are looking for an inexpensive but really versatle backsplash then let peg board come to the rescue again…

pegboard backsplash

image source diynetwork

If you are into cross stitching then you are about to discover a very big piece of canvas that you can create your eye catching pieces on, and yup you guessed it,its peg board. Just imagine the kind of art that you can create with this very inexpensive commodity.

peg board stitchingimage source:dreamalittlebigger


For this project you will need:

  • 2′ x 2′ square foot piece of pegboard (have a 2′ x 4′ board cut into two)
  • cross stitch pattern – I used this one from The Cheekiest Monkey of All
  • yarn in 4 colors for the petals
  • yarn in 2 colors for the leaves
  • yarn in a background color
  • black spray paint
  • oversized plastic needle (made specifically for yarn)
  • tape and/or hot glue gun

Click on the image link for the full instructions.

There is so much that you can do with peg board and hopefully we have gotten your creative juices flowing. Remember if you are going to mount it on the wall so you can hang things on it that you need to mount on a frame so it doesn’t lay flat on the wall, otherwise you won’t get the hooks in.

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