I love this time of year where fruit is at its freshest. One of my favorite healthy and delicious snacks is a fruit and yogurt smoothie.  You will enjoy experimenting with the different fruits that are around, by adding your favorite sweetener you can make the smoothie unique.  A superb nutritional breakfast for the kids too.  I have found this fabulous article that will give you 4 super recipes that you can experiment with.


Strawberry Banana

  1. Chop the fruit. For this smoothie you need a total of 1 cup of fruit. Slice a banana and chop strawberries so that you have a pile of fruit that adds up to a cup.Make a Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Step 1.jpg
    • If you like a strong banana flavor with a hint of strawberries, plan on using more banana; if you prefer a lighter smoothie with a little banana flavor, go heavier on the strawberries instead.[1]
    • You can freeze the strawberries and banana beforehand for an icier smoothie.
  2. Choose a sweetener. Strawberries and bananas may be sweet enough for you by themselves, but some people like a little extra sweetness. You can add a teaspoon of regular sugar or go with honey or agave nectar for a delicious flavor.Make a Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Step 2 Version 2.jpg
  3. Decide what type of yogurt to use. You need a cup of plain, vanilla-flavored, or other fruity-flavored yogurt, depending on your preference. Get either whole milk or skim milk yogurt. The more fat the yogurt has, the thicker and richer the smoothie will taste.Make a Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Step 3.jpg
  4. Blend the ingredients. Place the yogurt, the fruit, and the sweetener in a blender or food processor. Blend the ingredients until they are fully incorporated and no large chunks of fruit remain.Make a Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Step 4.jpg
    • Check out the texture of the smoothie. If you want to thin it out, add a few tablespoons of milk and continue blending.
    • You can add some ice cubes to cool the smoothie down and give it an icier texture.
  5. Serve the smoothie. Pour it into a glass so you can see its pretty pink color. Refrigerate if you won’t be drinking it immediately.Make a Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Step 5 Version 2.jpg

Triple Berry

  1. Prepare the berries. This smoothie calls for one cup total of berries. You can use any combination of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and other types of berries you desire. Pick through the berries and remove those that are bruised or soft. Wash the berries and cut the stems off.[2]Make a Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Step 6.jpg

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One of the best parts about these recipes is the ability to add more or less.  Remember that the above recipes are ideal for the average blender.  If you want to make more instead of doubling the ingredients you would be wise to make separate fruit and yogurt smoothie. A really wonderful natural sweetener is coconut oil.  Peanut butter is a great addition to make the smoothie richer.

What are your favorite recipes?  Be sure to share below or on the Facebook page.

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