No matter where in the World you live, kids love to party!  Next time you know there is a party that the kids have all been invited to then here is a wonderful yet simple craft that you can encourage the kids to take part in. These animal party hats are so unique and individual the kids will just love making them.


Zebra Party Hat | Oh Happy Day!

Giraffe Party Hat | Oh Happy Day!

Materials: Party hat template, cardstock, scissors, elastic, stapler, glue, optional: ruler

Step 1: Use the party hat template to cut out the hat shape. (For the zebra: white, for the elephant: gray, for the lizard: lime green, for the giraffe: orange or yellow.)
Step 2: Cut out your animal pieces.

  • For the zebra: First cut out wavy strips of black paper (that end in a point) and glue them onto the hat base. Then cut out two 3?x 7? pieces of paper. Fold them together in half down the middle and then fold either side again about .25? from the center crease. Fringe the sides of the paper all the way to the first crease (not the center crease.) This will be the zebra’s mane. Put glue along the center of the main (along the center crease) and then attach it along the side of the party hat base.
  • For the elephant: Use this template to trace and cut out the shape of the elephant …continue reading

Animal Party Hats DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Photos by Sarah Hebenstreit for Oh Happy Day

via Animal Party Hats


Simple and the kids will love them and enjoy getting involved. I am going to include a more elaborate design party hat for the ‘older kids’ tongue-outTake a look at the next page.

More elaborate party hats

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