Almost every household keeps a bag of potatos on hand and this is one veggie that is used on almost a daily basis. With the cost of food going up potatos are no longer cheap. With these diy potato boxes you can easily grow your own and you don’t need a lot of space to do it in either.

small potato boximage source:thesurvivalistblog

This is such a good idea because it takes up so little space and the boxes themselves really do look look nice themselves.Just click on the image for a larger view and you will see the simple instructions.

Another method for growing potatos in small spaces is growing them in potato towers.


Growing potatos in a barrel:

As you can have guessed by now you can grow potatos in almost anything. Another favorite resource for growing them in is barrels. These probably demand the least amount of work when it comes to preparing the container as you don’t have to make it. You just need to remember to put the holes in the bottom for drainage. It will take about four months before you are ready to harvest. Then it is just a matter of knocking over the barrel and gathering up he potatoes. Then you just gather up the soil and you are ready for planting the next batch.


If you don’t want to go with something that big and you don’t have a lot of sun in one spot for too long then you can go with something even more portable. You can use 5 gallon pails for this. That way you can move the pails to a sunny or shaded area if the need be.

Use food grade buckets, not buckets that have had any chemicals in them

To get your seed potatos start by buying organic potatos and just storing them until they form eyes.

Then you cut these in half where you are going to have about two to three eyes per each cut section.

Drill holes in the bottom of your pail for drainage, then add some rocks to the bottom of the soil. (don’t use gravel)

Fill your pail about one half with regular garden soil.

Place your cut potato cut side down around in the soil. Just one potato piece per bucket

Cover with about three inches of soil

Water well

As you see the plant growing above the soil add more soil covering the growth

Potatos like about 6 hours of sun

You can add some mulch to the soil to help retain water

You can start your buckets as soon as there is no risk of frost

Alternative growing…

If you don’t like the thought of growing in plastic then you can even grow the potatos in burlap sacks if you want.

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