DIY Balloon Crafts Full of Fun

July 23, 2015

Balloons are an item that we are all aware of and probably have used at some point in time as a decorative item for some special event. While they are great for this in their natural state, there is so much more that you can do with this. Hope you enjoy these diy balloon crafts ideas here that we have rustled up for you, and that you will share your finished balloon creations with us when you get them done.


One of the things that comes with balloon use is having to pop them after they are done with. Instead of throwing them into the garbage why not save them and when you have enough you can make a beautiful and colorful wreath out of them

balloon wreathimage source:popsugar


Balloon Flowering:


If you really like this project but having trouble finding the long balloons there are many places you can buy them online…just searchfor long balloons



Ice Globes:

ice balloonsimage source: queenvanacreations

Making the outdoors in winter look colorful and fun isn’t an easy task except around Christmas time when we get to use all our pretty lights. Here is a really neat way to add some color along your walk way with colored ice globes mad from balloons. Click on the image link for the instructions how to do this. Then once you have your colored ice globes done think of some innovative ways that you can use them outdoors to add some winter color.


Leaf Bowl

leaf bowlimage source:hellolucky

Making bowls from balloons has become quite popular, but this one seems to be extra special as it is made from leafs. What a great fall project this would make.

Balloon flip flops:


balloon shoesimage source:onehundreddollarsamonth

What a great way to turn a boring pair of flip-flops into something amazing. No doubt the kids will love these.

Chocolate Anyone?


choc bowlsimage source: bakerella

Ever seen those scrumptious chocolate bowls and wondered how they made them? Well all it takes is some chocolate and a balloon and you can make them too.

Balloon Flowers:

Here is a really neat video on making flowers using balloons


The Perfect Party Decor:

shower decorimage source: pinterest

These are so easy to do. All you need to do is inflate your balloon, then cover them with some tulle and wrap a pretty ribbon around them. You will be amazed at the effect you get. Would be a great idea for a wedding or shower.


There is no doubt that David is a master at his balloon creations and he willingly shares his methods with you. If you are not able to find a balloon sizer, then look closely at his and you could probably easily make one from stiff cardboard. Just be sure the edges are really smooth, or else you will be popping a whole bunch of balloons.


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