DIY Garden Paths You Can Do

July 26, 2015

Adding the final touches to the outside decor can be fun but it can also be costly. One item that can be added to the backyard architecture is diy garden paths that just give that finished look.

Simple pallet use:

pallet garden path


image source:daiseymaebelle


If you were just to throw a few boards down then you wouldn’t get much of an effect. As you can see here they were laid down with a little care, and they work nicely with the surrounding decor.

stone garden pathimage source:bridgetandbear

If you want to put a little more time into building a more structured walkway then you can go this route. Click on the image link for instructions.
Odds and Ends
odds and ends garden path
image source:styleestate

You don’t have to be precise with what you use for your garden path. There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching various shapes and mediums as long as you get them to lay flat.stone formsimage source: dumpaday

Buying rocks can be expensive, and finding enough of them can be a big chore. You can easily use a form and make your own. It is time consuming but you will be happy with the results once you have finished.

unstructured pathwayimage source:thegardenglove

Flower Path:

Not only can you create some amazing looks by the different mediums you use, but how you lay them can create a totally different visual appeal. Looking at the center layout here the staggered layout creates an illusion of a much longer pathway. Yet the pattern still creates a safe environment for walking.

floral pathimage source:acharlottegarden

Instead of struggling with trying to keep weeds and grass from growing in between the stone why not seed it with something like Mazus Reptans. This creates some beautiful color and really is unique looking.


Pathway Repairs That are Fun:

path patchesimage source:harusemi.tumblr.

Not everyone wants to start building a new path, and may have an existing one that is in need of some touchup. This is a great way to make it look a lot better without a lot of work or fuss.

Glass instead of Gravel

glass pebble boarderimage source:landscapingnetwork

Of course you can always use gravel as your filler between the stones, but this idea of using colored glass pebbles is pretty neat too. You can buy this from your local dollar store, but you will probably only want to use them for small accent areas as a small bag for a dollar isn’t going to go too far.

Another alternative to making the space between the stones really great looking is to buy some flat pebbles then cover them in glow in the dark paint. They won’t look like anything special during the day but at night they will look absolutely spectacular as well as provide some lighting for a dark area.

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