At one time putting in a beautiful garden was a huge task. Now this type of activity is getting a whole lot easier. This is in thanks to many people resorting to container gardening. This has so many advantages to it.

First it really allows you to use a lot of items that just might have ended up in the garbage. Plus it lets you be creative. Another big bonus is that for people that are disabled or have become elderly it still allows them to participate in some beautiful gardening activities. This is not a way of them being able to create a beautiful environment to enjoy but helps them feel useful.

How about converting an old dresser:

dresser garden containerimage source:eclecticallyvintage

You are going to want to prepare the dresser for its new purpose. First you need to clean it well with TSP. Then when choosing your outdoor paint color make sure it is a good quality and is for exterior. Before adding soil to the drawers line them with a plastic garbage bag. You might also want to add a few drainage holes in the bottom of the drawers.


A Birdhouse and a Flower Pot:

There is nothing like combining nature with nature.




You can easily find this style planter and your local garden store, then get hubby (or yourself if you are handy) to make the birdfeed which is basically a square box with a lid to house the planter.

Step Up Planter:

step up planterimage source:rufflesandtruffles

If you had a old set of stairs leading to nowhere what a great alternative that ripping it down. Another version of this could easily be done using a step ladder. or even a smaller version using a pool ladder if you have an old one laying around.


Cloth and Concrete and something amazing:


cloth and concrete planterimage source:hometalk


You can use any draping fabric you have lying around. It can be an old towel, a blanket, leftover drapery material, an old light quilt or bedspread.

Best fabric: It seems to be a piece of OLD TOWEL OR A FLEECE BLANKET.

A textured fabric is better, hence the fleece blankets, old towels, etc. It seems to me that the more absorbent the fabric is, the better results you will have. The fabric needs to absorb the cement to be successfully strong and dampening the fabric prior to placing it in the slurry seems to be the best procedure.

You can drill holes in it very easily with a drill after it is cured. Use a masonry bit.

visit the thehypertufagardener for the full story and instructions


A hand full of flowers:

hand containersimage source:diyfunideas

What a very unique mini planter and conversation piece this would make. Click on the image link for instructions.

Mini birdhouse planters:


image source: ilovemygarden

Okay you know all those cute little birdhouses that you see at the dollar store? On their own they don’t look like much right? But envision them as planters something like this in the image. okay now out you go to get a collection of them and start being creative.

So there you have a few diy planter ideas to get you going.

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