We have shared quite a lot of articles on crafts for kids, but now the summer is at its peak lets look at a few more seasonal ideas. Keeping kids occupied and safe is parents priority, to do this we need to find stimulating activities that they will love. At the same time, most of the following ideas will encourage your child’s natural creative skills.

Many of you will have ventured down to the beach and as sure as eggs are eggs you will probably have returned with a bucket of seashells.  Lets discover some great creative skills we can teach the kids.


1. Seashell Ladybugs from Still Playing School

2. Seashell and Beach Glass Collage from Adventure In a Box

3. Seashell Fish from Crafts by Amanda

4. Seashell Spider from A Moment in Our World

5. DIY Seashell Necklace (Young children will need help making the hole in the shell) from Kids Activities Blog


6. Rainbow Sea Shells from The Educator’s Spin on It  Continue reading…

I think us parents would have fun with some of the ideas featured with that article!  Another firm favorite with the kids is hand printing.



Pipe cleaners are next on our list of ideas.  This is a simple idea, they are easy to locate and are a reasonable price too.  This colorful activity is quite remarkable, you will marvel at some of the suggested projects.


Isn’t it great knowing that you have continued to nurture your child’s skills over the holidays.  Some of the above crafts for kids are truly wonderful in their ability to bring out the best in your child.  As always please feel free to share your child’s ‘masterpiece’ with us here or on our facebook page!

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