The world of doll houses is one that every little girl should be introduced to. Unfortunately in some ways the commercial presentation of this has robbed some of the joy of the actual building of them. Hopefully the ideas that we are giving you here are going to rekindle the doll house spirit and encourage you to build one along with the help of your little princess. No matter what once you do build one and present it to her it is going to create a memory that is going to last a lifetime.

Lets start with something easy like a fold up doll house.

fold up doll houseimage source:funhouse

Even if you are not much of a sewer you can easily tackle this one.

Here is another one that is sure to impress your little one.

carrydollhouseimage source:angelayosten

Just click on the image source to get a download of what you need to follow to make this.

Bark Doll House:

Looks more complicated than it really is

barkdollhouseimage source:indulgy

What you need to find for this is a large piece of bark, then look closely at the image and you will surely get some creative ideas.


A musical instrument dollhouse:

Now this one is made with a violin but imagine what you could do with a guitar.

violin doll houseimage source:the violin house

A Boot Dollhouse:

bootdollhouseimage source:beafunmum

Imagine transforming an adult boot into this amazing dollhouse. Bet you won’t be throwing out those old boots anymore. Do click on the images ource to get some detailed views of each of the rooms, they are simply amazing.

Just a plain and simple doll house:

wood dollhouseimage source:builditsewitwithlove

This is pretty easy to look at and follow but for more a more detailed look just click on the image link.

Not just for girls:

Doll houses aren’t just for girls and for the little guys you are going to love this idea.

pringlefortimage source:crearescout

You probably won’t be able to understand the language but click on the image link and you may be able to duplicate this by looking at the images.

Cardboard and Fabric

It doesn’t get any easier than this…

cardboard houseimage source:pinterest

Fold up book dollhouse

fold up doll houseimage source: snippetsnscraps

You are going to have to click on the image source to take a closer look at some of the other pictures to see if you can figure out how to make this which I am sure you will

On a smaller scale:

At the start:

fairy house start

At the end:

fairy house finished

image sources:filthwizardry

What a wonderful project your little girlcould participate in. Just find some white laundry jugs and you cut out the opening, then let her do the decorating with some magic markers.

We hope you enjoyed this diy doll house post, and if you did leave us some comments and we will do another one on doll house accessories.


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