We have all seen the super things you can do with pallets so I was pretty impressed when I stumbled across the following idea.  Re-purposed wooden crates are really interesting and you will love some of the following. It is actually quite astonishing when you think of the absolute treasure that you can create from throw away items!


Looking for cute home decor? Looking for simple storage solutions? Well here is a tufur. (Two for the price of one.) Wooden crates. They can be turned into creative decorations and they already have clever storage space built in. They can be made to fit any decor theme, shabby chic to ultra modern, with just the right paint and finishing touches. I’m a fan!

via Wooden Crates Re-purposed Into DIY Furniture And Storage


Think of the storage that you will be able to create. The following video is packed with repurposed wooden crates.

Just watching the ideas and finished items on that video is inspiring enough!  The two images below are pretty awesome too…

wooden crates


re-purposed wooden crates



As you can see the entire process looks fairly simple and re-purposed wooden crates look  pretty impressive! The whole concept of this is to create useful storage, and yet they look so awesome. We live in a throwaway society and this, along with the re-purposing of pallets has been a very welcome interest that is extremely popular.

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