There are just some things in our homes that are not too easy to change. Yet if you could then they would create a brand new visual appeal. Staircases may be one of these but these diy staircase ideas may give you the inspiration that you need to get the job done.

One way to give your stairway a whole new look that doesn’t take that much work is to do something spectacular with the wall that it is on…


You really can have some fun with this. You can use pictures in all shapes and sizes. You may want to go with different colored picture frames and styles or stay more monotone and keep them basically all within the same color family.

Focal Point Stair Cases:

multicolored staircaseimage source:simplifyingfabulous

This one is really using the very best in color and it may be just a little shocking for your taste. If so, then think of your own color scheme that would suit you better. You could even go with one color and alternate each step with a light and dark version of the same color.

Tell a Story Staircase:


Busy Busy Busy Staircases:
busy busy staircase
image source: inspirationgreen
saying staircasesimage source:buzzfeed
you can either paint these sayings on yourself if you have nice hand writing by using a fine brush and paint. Or you can buy the decals.
Beyond Imagination:
unique staircasesource:stylisheve
The designer is unknown for this but this really is unique and different, and looks like it would work really well for steep stair way. Although we always want to keep safety in mind these look pretty safe.
Stairway Landings
Use your creativity:
stairway landing
image source:homeedit
Okay so maybe you don’t have something as grandeur as what is in the image but look real close and we are sure you can take some ideas off this t create your own unique stair area. If you look at the wall art this is something similar to what we talked about in a previous post. You could have so much fun with this one.
clear staircaseimage source:pinterest
Now this truly is beautiful, but I personally think I would want to use plexiglass and would only consider this now that the kids are grown and out of the home. Too many fingerprint cleaning otherwise!
staircase storage
image source:stylisheve
Now hopefully hubby or someone else in your life is a handyman and can help with the building of this if this is what you want. Can you just imagine the extra storage space.
To end this post we are presenting this handy video just in case you have to build a staircase from scratch.

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