We certainly do end up with a lot of paper rolls and we don’t give much thought to them other than to throw them into the trash. Well after seeing these few ideas you just might not be doing that anymore. These are really cute and really useful too!

Wall Art:

paper roll wall artimage source:justagirlblog


Can you believe such beautiful wall art can be made from such simple items? Click on the image link in you need instructions to complete something similar to this. Or better still let your imagination go to work for you.


paper rolls fairy houses

image source:wonderfuldiy

paper roll flowersimage source:accentsandpedals

Click on the image link for the easy to follow instructions. Just imagine how beautiful these will look once painted.


For the Birds!

bird rollimagesource:diyready

What a great project for the kids, and for the birds too no doubt!


Being practical:

practical paper rollsimage source:onegoodthingbyjillee

Sometimes we just miss the simple things like this which is a great way for storing cords which we all have plenty of.


Toy storage:

paper roll car storageimage source:petit

What a great way to store all those dinky cars. So many of the young fellows love to have a whole collection of these, but it is really hard for them to store them. They end up getting tossed into the toy box then they get ruined.

Whacky Fun:

A lot of the kids love to make masks. Now here is a great mini version of them, that will keep the kids busy for hours, and at the same time put those paper rolls to a great use.

paperoll masksimage source:bitrebels

There really aren’t any instructions for this but with a little bit of pushing, pulling and bending you are sure to come up with something intriguing.

Cars Anyone?

paper car rollsimage source:kiflieslevendula.blogspot.co.uk

You can click on the image source and follow the images for the how to, as you may not be able to understand the language they are written in.


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