I love the ideas here, we all have shoe boxes hanging around our homes and if we don’t I am sure you will save them after seeing some of the ideas that are featured below. The thing about these cartons is that they are very sturdy, which is why they are perfect for this featured project. Another consideration that I like is that you can get the whole family involved and in truth a shoe box organizer is a very good gift idea.  People love receiving hand-made gifts like this, and with a bit of imagination you can make them as unique as the individual.

It is such a simple idea dont you agree.  Have you looked at how much you have to pay to purchase cardboard storage boxes? I love that this is such a cheap alternative.

Something I hadn’t really thought about was the use of shoe box organizers placed directly in your drawers.

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Again I am so regretting not hanging onto my shoe boxes! Here is another video which is so worth showing as it shows a variation.

I hoped this simple project has proven to be useful to you and that it gives you a few ideas.  I know on my side that I won’t be throwing out any empty boxes for a while, and It has also given me some great ideas with what to do with the kids on the rainy days between now and Christmas!

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