The common sink is something that is found in every home and usually there are more than one of them. They can also be one of the most boring assets to be found, yet they are a necessity. It can be frustrating to know what to do with the sink to give it some pizzazz and to spruce up the looks of the room where it is found it. Here are a few diy sink ideas that might help you get past this aggravating flaw in your home.

Let’s start off with something exciting and really different.

Bike Sink:

bike sinkimage source:twistersifter

Okay you may be a little limited as to where you would want to use this. But think about it wouldn’t it be great in a basement washroom for example?


Think outside of the norm:

sink basinimage

We chose this idea just to stimulate your creative juices. We wanted to get you thinking about using basins and having them installed into your plumbing system so they are functional. You can use almost any type of table you could possibly want to create this type of setting. You certainly can have some fun with it, and how unique you could make it is only limited to your imagination.

Cute and simple:

washtubsinkimage source:carlaaston

What a wonderful and simple yet practical idea. It would be great in a laundry room that has a rustic or country theme to it.

Just about anything goes:

trash sinksimage sources:pinterest

now you may not want these in the interior of your home, but they would be great for washing up at the outside tap. Usually the outside tap is used for a messy cleanup, but it ends up soaking the ground where it is situated and makes a big muddy mess. This just might be the ideal and yes even practical solution.

the good old barrel sink:

barrel sinksimage source:dailynewsdig

These are just but a few examples of how you take a barrel and turn it into a sink.

Okay so we have had some fun with what you can do to make the sink in any room the focal point. However, as fun as what these may seem they just may not be all that practical. Some of us are just not as innovative when it comes to implementing some off the wall ideas. That shouldn’t stop us from working on the surrounding areas around our sinks that can create some pretty amazing effects too. You can take an ordinary standard sink and make it look like a work of art just by doing something really creative and funky with the counter it is sunk into and the back splashes, and even the storage around it. But these ideas we will save for another day.

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