DIY Fun Ideas Using Clothes Pegs

August 9, 2015

Clothes pegs used to be something that you would see in every household. Now with the modern age of using dryers they are not such a familiar site. However, they are still readily available and cheap too. These DIY fun ideas that you can do using clothes peg are great because they are not really time consuming, and many of them have a useful purpose to them. So go ahead and buy a package or two of clothes pegs the next time you are out, and when you become bored you will have a quick craft to complete to entertain yourself. Who know you might be able to sell your creations and make yourself some pin money.

Tag it up the fun way:

clothes peg tagsimage source:goinovertheedge

If you are always leaving notes around the house then these little gems are going to draw the attention that you are looking for, plus they are reusable.

There are a couple of ways you can create them. You could use chalkboard paint to make the small pallets or you could try this method provided by goin over the edge.

I’m going to start this post by showing you the finished project – reusable chalkboard tags that clip on items with a clothespin. Brilliant! I saw this idea on Pinterest and gave it a Stampin’ Up! spin – instead of using chalkboard paint and painter’s tape, I used Chalkboard Decor Elements Sheets (Item 118815 on page 216 of the big SU! catalog. You get two sheets measuring 14″ x 24″ for $14.95).I love how decor elements can transform a room. In fact, I have many on the walls and side of the fridge at my studio. Also on the side of my fridge is a big chalkboard decor element sign that I use all the time to post info for my next class! It’s wonderful. Note: The decor elements will NOT be in the next SU! catalog, coming out in June. They and the Simply Adorned line (jewelry) are being discontinued. So if you want any of these items, order them NOW!


clothespeg bride and groomimage source:pinterest

what a great novelty this is. So easy to make and would be perfect for adorning a gift for a wedding.


Novel idea:

clothes peg candy holdersimage source:the simplecraftdiaries

They are really a no brainer to make, but the idea is brilliant. It really doesn’t take much to bring a smile to a youngster’s face especially when there is candy involved, but you must admit to give it to them in something like this really makes it extra special.

Making artwork more special:

clothes peg artimage source:piikeastreet

You are really going to impress the kids when you turn their works of art into something they can play with and makes it a little more long lasting and with more meaning. While this focuses around an animal theme, you could carry the concept over to any fantasy world of art. It could be comprised of wizards and dragons, or princesses and castles.

Jewelry organizer

jewelryorganizerimage source:pinterest

You could make this yourself quite simply, or if you want to buy it that click on the image source which will link you to etsy. where you can purchase it.

Organization at its best:

clothes peg storageimage

This is so simple yet so impressive. What an easy way to store your scarfs.

Now in closing we couldn’t leave you without some ideas for clothes pin dolls

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