How To Build A Wood Storage Shed

August 9, 2015

There are many reasons why a wood burner is a popular choice when it comes to heating our homes.  Homesteaders and survivalists  are probably the biggest reason for the upturn in demand for woodburning stoves.  Wood is a really clean fuel to burn and will not pollute the atmosphere, as wood is a carbon-neutral fuel. Oil and gas have become very expensive, the stoves give out five times as much heat as a regular fireplace and heat a far bigger part of the house.  A lot of people are stockpiling wood in the event of a National catastrophe so they have had to learn how to  build a wood storage shed. As wood burners become more popular people are looking at ways of keeping their wood supply fresh and fit for purpose.


The following article is absolutely fabulous.  There is a step by step guide that is featured in an easy to follow pictorial guide.  I love this site and thank you for giving me permission to share your hard work!

To the ground foundation, use gravel 0-2 cm or 0-3/4″. Although compact everything and let the rain do its work for a more uniform soil.








The floor will be built in wood with recovered parts from roof trusses. The dimensions of the wood shed may vary depending on your space and needs.Installing the wood foundation on metal brackets (adjustable pillars) Add joists to give strength to the floor.  Read More

By following through with the steps one by one, you will eventually end up with something like the following.  The shed will obviously be made to your own specification and will vary in size and shape…

wood-shed-storage-idea wood-shed

See all the plans here


As you can see a successful wood storage shed depends on the stored wood getting plenty of air flow, this being the most important thing, followed by sunlight and warmth. If it gets rained on it doesn’t matter, you’ll be fetching the wood into the house before burning it anyway.  Some people will add sides to their shed, that is a personal choice, but remember the importance of the air flow. If there are any people that have built the above shed with a variation, please share here or on the facebook page!

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