Most everyone loves butterflies in all shapes and forms. Just seeing them flutter about the garden is a pure delight but capturing their beauty from a craft perspective can be magical. There are so many different and wonderful ways that you can do this. Your diy butterfly crafts can be comprised of something whimsical or can lend itself to the elegant side of crafting. Either way you are surely going to love the outcome.

Pasta Butterflies:
pasta butterflies

image source: the pinterested parent

All the different shapes that pasta comes in makes this project super easy. You can use the bow pasta and the spiral pasta for this project. When it comes to coloring them of course you can use simple paints, but you could also use markers as well

Delicate and Beautiful

cupcake liner butterfliesimage source:bluepurpleandscarlett

There are so many different uses these could be put to. They would look beautiful clustered on a wall. Or they would be an amazing embellishment for a gift. Just click on the image link to get all of the very detailed and impressive instructions. Can you believe they are made from cupcake liners?

Window Butterflies

butterfly suncatchersimage source: ctworkingmoms

To make your butterfly sun-catcher you will need:
• Black paper
• Tissue paper
• Pencil crayon
• Scissors
• Craft knife (optional)
• Glue-stick –
For the full instructions you can find them at
Milkjug butterflies
milkjug butterfliesimage source:alphamom
These are absolutely gorgeous and are made from milk jugs if you can believe it. Just click on the image source for the how to.
Putting your butterflies into a collection
You could do a whole collection of butterflies that are identical, or you could use assorted colors. Either way they make a spectacular mobile.
Butterfly Bowl:
butterfly bowlimage source:blog.paulapascual
This amazing and oh so delicate bowl is made a lot easier than what you might think. Clicking on the image link will get you to the source of how to make this.
Butterfly Paint Swatches:
butterfly paint swatches
image source: pinterest
If you are going to take on a project where you need a lot of butterflies then you may want to resort to using a cutout. Then using these paint swatches to get the different colors is a brilliant idea. You can use a magic market for applying the details.
To get you started with ways to fold for making butterflies from paper this very short but super easy video will really help

 Butterfly tree
butterfly branch
image source: pinterest
Now this should really get your creative juices going. You could bring in a large tree branch and pot it then adorn it with your butterflies then maybe add some fairy lights to it. Can you just imagine what a conversation piece it would be!
So there you have enough butterfly ideas to get you going. Have fun and please share with us your creations.

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