Not everyone has the luxury of having a large backyard. That doesn’t mean that you can’t turn that small outdoor space into something awesome. So here are a few awesome small backyard ideas to get you going. Even if you just use these as a starting point then run with your own ideas, you will be pleased at what you can accomplish.

small patiosimage source:homemodish

As you can see this is not a lot of property. It really is impressive though and I personally like the idea of the sitting area being at the back of the yard as opposed to the front. If you were to view this as you step out of the backdoor it really creates a finished look. The aspect of this being a small space is no longer an issue. Look closely and you will see how they have incorporated an existing tree to provide natural shade. If you don’t have this option then there are many different ways that you could create your own shade with various types of covering, or even into making this a pagoda.

No grass concept:


no grass backyardimage source:bhg

It is no wonder that a lot of people hate the site of gravel, but when it is used properly it can create a stunning backyard atmosphere. For those that just can’t have a nice patch of green lawn then this is a viable alternative. The way this particular very small yard is planned out is what gives it the illusion of being much bigger. It is almost divided into rooms. Note that potted plants are what is used for the greenery and this is a great solution. You could even have a fire pit in the center here amongst the stepping stones to allow for some dramatic night time use of this area.

Another alternative:city yardsimage source:hometone

This really amazing. Look at how narrow this space is yet what the layout has done for creating a much larger illusion. You could create unique sitting areas on the rounds. Maybe have a portable fire pit on one of them. Add some lighting and what a beautiful place this would be to use at night as well.

How About a People Pod!

Now if you are really cramped for space then surely you can fit something like this just so you can make that little space very special.

people pods

image source:landscapejuicenetwork

Even if you have lots of space this is a brilliant idea for a neat little getaway




Building into the patio

patio yardimage source:indulgy

Although the outlay in this image depicts a larger backyard space, think outside the box and how you could make this work for your very small backyard. You could use large patio stones to fill in the entire area…but leave one small area to build in this type of feature. It could be in a corner or right in the middle so it is the focal point. In this area you could still do container gardening if you chose to. You could add a portable water feature in the center similar to this one. You may even want to add some post lighting to add to the ambiance of it.


Hopefully these few ideas are going to get you going at being creative with your small backyard. Be sure to check out all our other garden posts because you will surely find some more great ideas amongst them to help build out your small outdoor space.

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