DIY Stinky Shoe Remedies!

August 16, 2015

We all have witnessed the stinky shoe smell I am sure! . I have teenage boys and they are huge sport enthusiasts. We have our shoe storage caddy right in the front entrance to the house, this can be quite embarrassing when visitors call.  The following ideas are simply amazing, these stinky shoe remedies are far more effective than any over the counter product.  See what you think…

Thanks to this mom, who is sharing her personal remedy to squash the ‘stinkiness’ in your home for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s what you’ll need:

*an old pair of pantyhose or even an old pair of thin socks will do;

*baking soda;

*essential oil (optional);

*some string or twine.


It’s really that simple. Create a bag out of your hose/sock, scoop in your baking soda, add an oil for a scent (if you wish) and tie it off to eliminate any spills.


And place your new homemade ‘stinky pinky’ into your shoes. Start stopping the stinky today!

See more stinky shoe remedies here…continue reading


You will find that the above idea is very effective when it comes to the ‘heavy duty’ smells that only teenagers seem to be able to produce (I jest, I should imagine stinky shoes are a whole family problem, but in my house…)  There are some simple tips for a daily maintenance one of which is just to add tumble dryer sheets to the offending shoes, there is a huge debate going on about the dangerous chemicals present in these however so due diligence required.  I also discovered that used, dried teabags are an excellent smell absorber.

The following video has some great stinky shoe remedies too!

Some great tips here!  Some more stinky shoe remedies that are banded around is to stuff newspaper in shoes to absorb the smell, simply shake baking soda or put some charcoal in shoes…that is a great absorber!

The simple ideas are the best. There are even bigger lengths that you can go to by visiting the chemist and addressing the smelly feet problem that way. In my experience, it is always wise to buy well-made shoes and wear cotton socks, this definitely helps too!  Please share your own tips and experience!



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