Quirky DIY Table Designs

August 17, 2015

When it comes to DIY a lot of us have a real desire to be different.  We love to express our individuality and enjoy the fruits of our hard work for years to come. With that in mind, when I came across the following quirky DIY table designs I had to share.

This first design is probably my favorite as it really is as individual as you care to make it.

via Beer cap table do it yourself project : theCHIVE

Be sure to finish reading the article to see how to finish this project to a really professional finish with the glazing.

The project is as good as your imagination, it doesn’t have to be beer tops.  I remember seeing a table that was pur together in a similar way that featured the kids art work.  This was a talking point and focal point for years to come.

No article is complete without featuring some pallets, the following show some really interesting DIY table designs.


Black Pallet Coffee Table


White Pallet Coffee Table


Grey Pallet Coffee Table


Green Pallet Coffee Table

Red Pallet Coffee Table

See the whole display here..

I love some of these.  The finishing touches are what have made the difference and have transformed a dull cheap pallet into a true work of art.

The next idea is awesome, this project would look wonderful in just about any household.

Table top

The first order of business was acquiring the log. My parents burn a fair amount of wood both for grilling humongous burgers and to ward off those frigid Southern California winters. Consequently, my dad is always willing to stop for free firewood someone has put out by the curb, including this large section of downed pine they let us scavenge from their wood pile.

The next step was to cut a five inch slice of the wood for the table top. This is best accomplished with a chain saw, which is great for cutting logs but leaves the wood rough and uneven. To level out the surface, I broke out the belt sander. Belt sanders wear down wood very quickly, which makes them great for leveling uneven spots but (at least in my hands) leaves behind imperfections of their own. So after approximately leveling the surface with the belt sander, I took an orbital sander to it, beginning with 80 grit to remove the belt sander marks. I gradually increased the grit, ending with 200 to give it a nice, smooth finish.


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This final project caught my eye, and is definitely quirky enough to make this collection.  Great for these summer BBQs!

I sincerely hope you are suitably inspired by some of the DIY table designs that have been compiled above.  There is something here for most tastes, with the emphasis being on individuality.

As ever, please feel free to share your own projects here or on our facebook page.  We will publish all relevant content.  Enjoy!

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