Back To School Organization Tips

August 18, 2015

How did you fare this summer?  Not long now and the kids will be back to school, time to get organized. It only feels like yesterday when my own mom started the process of making us go to bed early.  This is a great tip, and I now understand the importance of the plan…the kids will have other ideas though! Let’s take a look at a few fun filled tips that will ensure the school year gets off to a flying start!

The Best Back to School Organization Tips

Believe it or not, it’s almost back to school time. It’s a time of excitement and new beginnings—oh, and rushed mornings, lost library books, and mountains of school paperwork for mom and dad to fill out.

You can also help the transition go more smoothly by creating chore charts for your kids for before school, after school and bedtime. JDaniel4’s Mom has some nice printable ones you can use.

And while you’re at the printer, grab a copy of her backpack checklist too!

Decide now how you’re going to handle homework time. Pick a time of day when it will occur (right after school? after dinner?) and try to stay consistent with it. Set up a homework station or study spot in your house where all the supplies your child will need are handy in bins or boxes. Consider using a homework planner like the one from Sweet Stella’s to help your kid stay on top of assignments.

Go high tech with these cool apps to help get kids organized from iGameMom.

Set up a cubby or box by your door where your child can store anything that needs to be taken to school the next day—library books, gym uniform, permission slips, etc.—to minimize the last minute rushing to find things.

Before you go shopping for new clothes, take an hour or two to sort through all the clothing you already have in storage bins so you know what you truly need.

While you’re out buying back to school supplies, Jodie from Growing Book by Book suggests stocking up on craft materials as well. That way you can take advantage of sales and avoid random trips to the Dollar Store before that project is due.

Start labeling everything with your child’s name. You can use a sharpie, of course, but we love the options from Mabels Labels Check out the Ultimate Back-To-School Combo for a great deal; we especially love the Tag Mates stick-on clothing labels!

The Best Back to School Organization Tips


Read More The Best Back to School Organization Tips to Start Your School Year Right

It kinda makes you think a bit when you realize that there is quite a lot to be done, and time is passing by.  The above tips will really put you on the right road to making sure the whole school year remains organized. I found another great article, some of the tips are repeated, but they offer a lot more ideas.
Crayola First and Second Grade Supply Pack


Here Dr. Fran Walfish, a child and family psychotherapist and author of “The Self-Aware Parent,” and Christina Nichols, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist from a leading independent school in New York City and the Hallowell Center, offer 101 things to help kids stay on track — while keeping you sane.

  1. A week or two before the school year begins, kids should start going to bed and waking up as they would on school days — it can take a while for their bodies to adjust to non-summer hours.
  2. Get children on a regular exercise program or into an active hobby to create good habits and burn off extra energy.
  3. Take kids to cultural attractions like museums or historical sites the week before school starts. Get them thinking about subjects they’ll be tackling in the year ahead.
  4. Hire an after school sitter to pick for your kids up from school, bring them to activities and care for them while you’re at work.
  5. Encourage kids to read a book in the week or two before school begins. Ease them into quiet time, while giving them a jumpstart on refreshing their reading skills.
  6. Get kids accustomed to a calendar schedule, like what they’ll use to manage their classes and extracurricular activities.
  7. Use a homework app such as iHomework or MyHomeWork to help kids organize assignments.
  8. Let kids choose a planner or scheduling tool that they’re excited to use, whether it’s written or technology-based.
  9. Set up regular weekly meetings with your child to review their schedules, assignments and activities for the week ahead.
  10. Create a family calender — whether a Google Calendar or a colorful Wall Calendar — that highlights family activities and everyone’s major commitments. This helps make planning easier, while pinpointing conflicts.
  11. Set or refresh the rules about technology and screen time during the school year. What’s allowed and when?
  12. Choose a time to focus on family conversations and connections, such as during dinner or before bedtime.
  13. End the summer on a positive note, allowing kids a specific day with activities they choose (e.g. swimming or a visit to a theme park) to start their transition to fall.
  14. Ask kids to estimate how long homework assignments will take, and then compare it against how long each actually assignment takes. It will help them practice better time management.Read More

Certainly by following the above the transition for your child will be smoother. As you can see, the tips are predominantly fun-filled, and most will encourage life skills in the kids.

Finally, the video below is aimed at the older kids and is extremely popular. It s very entertaining and funny but has some really great back to school tips…no wonder the kids love it.

Since watching the video I have started using the phone in a glass tip, great tip if you are a heavy sleeper!  I hope you gleaned some useful tips on how to organize the back to school must do’s!


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