You have probably heard about mosaics and most surely seen some type of art work that has been designed with the use of this form of craft. One of the most exciting aspects of mosaics is that you can use different mediums to complete a piece. We are going to give you a few suggestions to get you started, then no doubt your imagination is going to kick in and you are really going to become creative.

broken dish mosaicsimage source:overthebigmoon

You just might want to go around breaking a few dishes to get the pieces you need to make some of these mosaic pieces.

mosaic rock artimage source: dragonflyrocks

You don’t have to collect your mosaic pieces tightly together to create an impressive looking piece. Just using them for designs like these on the rocks is spectacular. If you have a huge rock in your backyard that is beyond moving then why not turn it into a focal point.

Mosaics with glass:

Can you imagine taking an old door and converting it into something like this?

mosiac glass doorimage source:boredpanda

Perhaps a smaller project?

mosaic numbersimage source inspirationsandwich

Just imagine how these house numbers will look so pretty when the sun catches them. They really could add some pizzazz to your curb appeal.

A bathroom touchup perhaps?

bathroom touch upimage source: hgtv

Now this is no doubt done with tiles but you could use it as a source of inspiration for creating some mosaic art around the fixtures

socialmosaicsiximage source:pinterest

You could buy some plain white porcelain tiles or even cheaper ones and then do some mosaic designs on them. If you didn’t want to go to as much work as what is evident in this image then you could stagger them. Perhaps do one at each end then add one to the center.

A wall of mosaic

mosaic wallimage source: pinterest

Just use ths as inspiration and imagine what you could do to a wall or two in your home that at present is unattractive. If you really wanted to spruce up a home on a budget then this is the way to do it.

While it is great to give you all these ideas, how about some basic instructions on how to go about working with mosaics…

Garden Globes:

mosaic globesimage source:diycraftyprojects

This would be a good starter project to introduce yourself to mosaics

Another wonderful idea of using a mosaic design style was covered in our article on Quirky Table Designs. While this was done with bottle caps the concept is still the same.

wpid-a-diy-project-for-all-you-beer-lovers-out-there-4.jpgimage source: the chive

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