Beautiful DIY Lace Ideas

August 19, 2015

Working with lace is a wonderful medium to work with and while it is beautiful in itself, it can be transformed into many other works of beauty. Here are a few beautiful diy lace ideas that you may want to tackle.

Lace Flowers:

lace flowersimage source:missiekrissie

Click on the image link for the how to. Although you may be thinking of buying lace for this project also keep in mind that some of the worn out clothing you may be tossing may have some salvageable lace on it that you can remove and use.

Personal lacy ideas:

We women really do have a taste for beautiful lacy attire and yet these can be pretty expensive to buy. You might be surprised at just how easily your can whip up some gorgeous panties and bras that are…yes you guessed it.. lacy and lovely…

lace attireimage

The image really doesn’t do these bras justice, so click on the image link to see some better and more photos and the how to.


One of a kind:

If you really are into a one of a kind look then you are certainly going to be able to get it with this lace project.

lace braceletimage source:frenchweddingstyle

What you need…

Loose pearls
Loose gemstones
Lace (measured to fit my wrist)
Needle and cream thread
Gemstone glue
A fastener or clasp (I used the one off my broken pearl necklace)

now just pay a visit to French Wedding Style for all the great instructions which are really easy

Furniture transformation with lace

You can make a drab piece of furniture look elegant by using lace as your stensel

laced furnitureimage

lace dresser



Dressing up those windows

A lot of people love to hang lace curtains on their windows, but this goes way beyond that

lace windowsimage source:handimania

Can you believe this is done with cornflower, and it is so easy to remove when you are ready to. Just click on the image link for some very concise details and how to

Turning old jeans into something wonderful

How many times do we see old jeans tossed aside simply because they have become faded, and not because they are tattered and torn which happens to be fashionable amongst some.

Perhaps this idea will really take off with the teens in your house and if not them then maybe you!

faded jeansimage source:followingwonderland

Just laying a piece of lace on top of the jeans then spraying with bleach, let dry and take off the the lace and the pattern remains. This could be absolutely stunning.

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