One of the biggest thrills that can come with diy projects is the transformation that can take place from beginning to end. We are absolutely intrigued with this project so we wanted to share some stunning transformations with you.

suitcase dresserimage source:onmycreativeside

imagine turning an old dresser into something whimsical like this and at the same time putting those old suitcases to good use. For some great instructions just click on the image link, the how to is great.

Turning something old into an amazing sideboard








SIDEBOARD BEFOREImages sources:creativegreenliving

Please click on the image sources for some fantastic details of how this was accomplished

Wonderful wine rack

wine rackimage source: justimagine-ddoc

What a great and unique way to transform an old dresser yet have a place to store your wines. How to do this is pretty self explanatory by looking at the image.

How about two for one?

I have had a few of these kicking around the house from time to time and never even thought about turning them into something like this…

tranforming a deskimage source: 4theloveofwood.blogspot

From Dresser to Sitting:

Some of us could sit and stare at a dresser all day and not see much beyond its use except for what it was intended for. Then there are others that could look at the very same dresser and come up with a multitude of ideas just like this for example.

dresser to seatimag source:prakticideas


chandelier transformation

Surely you have come across one of these at some point and time, and when you did it was either hanging from someone’s ceiling that you silently thought was really tacky looking, or it was a garage sale and looked old and rusty. Bet you never thought it could look like this though…

serving dishimage source:dreamincolor

I just love it. Even though I don’t entertain much I am going to keep my eye out for one of these just for the fun of transforming it.

A half transformation

If you are like me you just don’t have a whole lot of floor space for anymore furniture even though it is so tempting to do a lot of these projects. This one I could sure do with though…

bookshelfimage source:addisonmeadowslane

You might not be able to use the whole dresser, but wow what a great idea for the drawers. It would be a fantastic idea for the kitchen to store the cookbooks in.

Cover it yourself:

Sometime you may just have a piece of furniture you really love and all it needs is recovering. Yet you can justify the expense of sending it out to have it professionally done. If that is the case then maybe this will help…

– Old piece of furniture
– butter knife (totally professional tool I know – but it works!)
– flat-head screw driver
– pliers
– staple gun
– hammer
– sewing machine
– regular and zipper foot
– seam ripper
– upholstery fabric
– plastic piping
– iron

now go here for a great tutorial…you are going to love it

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