DIY Candles to Light Up Your Life

August 26, 2015

We almost all love candles but they can be pretty expensive to buy, so some may feel like they are burning money. With these diy candles ideas you are not going to feel like that though. Now that the colder weather will soon be upon us its time to get busy with some candle making so we will have plenty of that special candle light and warm feeling that it creates to keep us feeling snug and comfy during the cold weather months.

cinnamon stick candlesimage source:pinterest

This is really cute and easy. Its just a matter of circling a pillar candle with a row of cinamon sticks then using some twine to hold them in place.

Snow Candles:

These are really inexpensive and a lot of fun to make

socialcandlesimage source:recklassglamour

Here is what you need to make them…

candles snow

Please visit reckless glamour for the full instructions, they have a great site with lots of ideas

Candles for Gifts

If you are thinking about making some home made gifts then these ideas are just going to get you started on a gift giving frenzy.

This beer candle is absolutely fab:

beer candleimage

Can you believe how authentic this looks, and yes it really can burned, but who want to, it looks so pretty and unique just to keep it on display. Be sure to click on the image source for the amazing instructions on how to make this.

Floating Candles:

One thing that we really wanted to review with you is floating candles. These are easy to make and you can do some spectacular candle arrangement in pretty bowls of water with these. So the following is the way to make these…


Tea Cup Candles:

There are always a list of people on the gift giving list that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on and you don’t know them well enough to buy something personal. This home made tea cup candle making is really easy to do and you can always pick up teacups like this from thrift stores.

tea cup candlesimage source:yesmissy


  • vintage tea cups (I think mugs would make a cute candle container too!)

  • candle wax flakes, I’m using eco soy candle wax flakes

  • candle wicks

  • wooden skewers, chopsticks, or even pencils will do ;)

  • a stove

  • a saucepan

  • a glass container, like a pyrex or an old sauce jar

  • tape

  • scissors

just click on the image source for the instructions. If you didn’t want to buy the candle flakes you could make your own by buying a inexpensive pillar candle and grating it.

Easy for the kids:

If you are getting the kids into making their own gifts then you really don’t want them to be playing around with hot wax as this can be really dangerous. What you can do though is buy some inexpensive plain white pillar candles and let them decorate them with their own personal touch using this quick and easy method.

candle decorimage source:

Just click on the image source for the how to instructions.

This video will help you with the basics of candle making, now the rest is up to you

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