When I came across the information I am sharing here I was really amazed at the ingenuity of the project! This DIY homemade air conditioner idea will save you tons of money, is easy to make, will keep you cool, doesn’t take up too much room and is portable.  Add to this the fact that it can be powered by a source of your choice and I think you will agree you are onto a winner!  Take a look at the video and see for yourself.

  • it is portable,
  • it is quiet, so can do whatever you want to do in your room while not distracted by a noisy air flow,
  • it is cheap and fun to make it on your own,
  • it is not spacious, and
  • you have a choice when it comes to power-supplying it!

Items needed for setting it up are these:

  • 1 ice chest (hard-sided or styrofoam),
  • 1 pvc pipe,
  • 1 small quiet fan and
  • ice


  • First draw two circles on the top of the ice chest that match the circumferences of the fan and the pvc pipe.
  • Then cut off these circles. Check if the holes are big enough to give a nice snug fit for the fan and the pipe.
  • Turn on the fan. There you are – easy!

– See more at: http://www.dietoflife.com/how-to-make-a-homemade-air-conditioner-diy-cheap-and-easy-way/#sthash.vUe41eOx.dpuf

keeping cool is becoming more and more tricky – particularly if you aren’t lucky enough to have air conditioning in your home or office. Looking at this made me wonder why we would even consider paying big bucks on a manufactured A/C unit.  Delving even deeper I discovered even more ingenious ideas that people had devised. The following is a little more complex and is ideal for you avid DIY fans!

Picture of Submerging the pump and testing it out
I bought a foam cooler to hold my coolant(ice water), as I have easy (free) access to both water and ice. Once I had it all hooked up, with one tube going from the pump into the heat exchanger, and another from the heat exchanger back to the cooler, I submerged the pump and plugged it in. At this point you’ll be able to tell whether or not you have leaks real quick.
The above suggestions are ideal for the most adventurous amongst you. It is possible to make a really effective homemade air conditioner with a simple bucket and fan.  The following article was published in a UK leading National newspaper .
As you can see this impressive A/C unit is being built by simply using a bucket! The video has been highly praised because of the great tutorial.  Anyone can follow along with this, and many have. Please share your own experiences and projects, I am certain there must be many more clever and awesome homemade air conditioner units.

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