Really Fun DIY Fall Craft Ideas

August 28, 2015

I know we are still getting a little bit of warm weather, but now is the time to start gathering up all your supplies for the great diy fall craft ideas that we have rounded up for you. Everybody has their own favorite season but for crafters they look forward with glee towards any season because it means new and exciting crafting projects for them.

Another great aspect about fall crafting is that you can gather so many free components form nature itself to compile your home made items.

Fall Leaves:
The colors of the fall leaves are absolutely beautiful and if you are going to use them in your crafts then you want to make sure that you preserve them…

When gathering the colorful leaves, try to find the most perfect. Look for leaves that are not brown or dry on the edges. Make sure that their stems are still attached and that they don’t have signs that they have been eaten by insects. (Don’t feel bad about pulling a few leaves off of a tree; they’re going to fall off anyway!)

After you have gathered up a nice variety of colors, rinse them off and put them into a zipper seal bag. Mix up a solution of:

½ c. water

¼ c. vegetable glycerin

Pour the solution over the leaves in the bag making sure they are laying flat, not folded or bunched up.

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Aside from preserving the leaves you can actually use them for making prints. If you have a solid colored piece of material laying around why not turn it into a beautiful fall tablecloth….

stamped leaf purseimage source:skiptomylou

Click on the image link for the step by step and very detailed instructions for doing leaf prints. Its fun and exciting and you can adapt the methods to all kinds of mediums.

Leaf Monograming

Monograms are a big thing this year. Instead of hanging a traditional fall wreath on your door, why not make a monogram of the first letter of your family name. Or if you wanted make the numbers for your address and mount them on a board.

mongram leafimage source:thethriftyabode

Click on the image link for more information, or just let your imagination run wild and come up with your own ideas.

Fall decor:

Just having a few little decor items sitting around the house depicts the coming of fall. These are really cute and should just serve as a starter idea of what you could do with some bigger versions of clay pots.

fall clay potsimage source:hobbylobby

Go here to get lots of amazing ideas to do with clay pots.

We love seeing what can be done with the gifts of nature, so be sure to check out our post of some great ideas using pinecones.


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