It can be just as much fun to decorate your house for the fall as it can be for any other time of the year. Nobody likes to see summer end but you can make the seasonal transition into fall a little more fun with the right decor.

Fall Harvest Wreath:
harvest wreathimagesource:bystephanielynn

It is fall harvest time and while many of the veggies at this time of year are great for consuming, they are also great for decorating. Especially the mini pumpkins and the gourds. Now this is a wreath that you are probably not going to want to store, but making a new fall wreath each year is lots of fun anyway.

critter wreathimage

If you don’t want to go to the work of making your home autumn wreath then you can certainly buy one like this at Etsy. you can also use this as some inspiration for doing your own with some different ideas.

pinecone wreathimage source:justimagine-ddoc

Really quick and simple do as all it takes is spray painting some pinecones and mounting them on a wreath frame.

simple wreathsimage source:pinterest

Something as simple as this made from twigs can look absolutely spectacular. It is just a matter of finding a light weight disk and glue a collection of twigs on them. In this example the bark was removed from the twigs but if you want a more rustic look then just leave them natural.

wheat wreathimage source:areal-lifehousewife

This is absolutely beautiful and is made from wheat components, and yes you can do it yourself….

mini wheat wreathimage source:choose-to-thrive

this one may be a little easier so click on the image link for some basic instructions

You won’t have any problems finding wreath frames and often you can find them at our local dollar store or craft store. They come in wire versions as well as styrofoam and other mediums. If you are using a soft frame then push pins and wire are good resources for holding the pieces onto the wreath.

Keep in mind that your wreath is going to be exposed to the weather, so you want the components to be well attached and you want the materials to be able to withstand the elements.

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