DIY Superb Ideas to Change a Room

September 2, 2015

Sometimes there just isn’t enough money to totally make over a room and you need to make due with what you have. If you let your creativity go to work for you then you can come up with some amazing ideas and turn them into a reality.

Who would think that just by painting a winter scene on a corner wall could have such a dramatic effect.

winter sceneimage source:buzzfeed

Look close at this picture and you will see that it is a winter scene painted on the wall along with a lamp post. Now the spectacular effect comes from hanging a real post light from the post. What a fab idea.

polk a dot wallsimage source:laurenconrad

Can you imagine using polka dots to decorate a wall and having it look this good!

Using Tape to Your Advantage:

Painter’s tape can be used for more than just keeping paint off unwanted spots.

using painters tapeimage source:lifehack

The great aspect about this project is you don’t have to be precise. You will be amazed at how fast you can apply the tape. So after you apply the tape then put on the entire coat of paint, you can peel off the paint to reveal the first color. Then at random just paint in some of the design with darker colors.

How unique is this!

Who says your entrance ways to your room all have to conform to the same old style and shape. If you really want to add character to your home then how about this.

unique entranceimage source:mattsko.wordpress

Another Chalkboard Paint Idea:

If you are into the chalkboard trend ideas then you are going to love this one…

chalkboard calendarimage source:1.bp.blogspot

Don’t throw out those old CD’s

cd wallimage source:orig14.deviantart

Be pretty neat in a guy’s room

Do it with paint:

scallop paintimage source:everyday-is-a-holiday.blogspot

Click on the image link for the great how to.

How different is this!

wall tree

image source:unknown

Although the ideas we have given you here don’t come with a lot of instructions, most of them are self explanatory and we really want to use them to inspire you into using your own creativity and uniqueness.

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