DIY Fun with Paper that Is Delightful

September 4, 2015

One of the cheapest resources we have for our crafts is paper, and there always seems to be lots of this that gets thrown in the garbage. After you have seen these few diy fun with paper craft ideas you are probably going to start gathering up all of the paper you can find.

Can you believe that a lantern that looks as good as this can be made from cardboard.

paperlanternimage source:trucsetbricolages

the image is pretty self explanatory and the details on the site are in french so this may be a problem for you.  The paints that were used to get the crackle effects were Delta crackle, American Weather Wood and Decoart one step. You can use anyone of these according to directions to get a really unique effect.

Something whimsical:

If you like to have whimsical things about your home that are fun and unique and extra special because you have made them yourself, then you are going to love this idea…

paper bird cagesimage source:austinweddingblog.

You can easily see how these are made. Think about getting a large branch from the garden, then hanging a bunch of these from it. Or if you have a fake tree in the home then why not spruce it up a little.

Adorable Paper Lanterns

paper lanternsimage source:apieceofrainbow

These are made from old plastic water bottles and paper. Click on the image source for instructions.

winter globe

winter globeimage source:liagriffith

You can click on the image source to get a free pattern for cutting this out. Then you can purchase a dome from your favorite craft store.


paper hummingbirdimage source:.thisiscolossal

Okay now this was done by an artist but we just wanted to show you what can be done with paper so you don’t think its a shabby craft.

Couldn’t resist:

toilet paper

image source:  adsentinel

Now this isn’t using paper in the craft sense, but we just couldn’t resist as its a great idea for holding the toilet paper that you can easily do yourself.


So we have given you a few ideas and hopefully they will spur your interest. If we see that this post is a favorite then we intend on getting into the paper craft much deeper and focusing on different techniques more in depth.

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