DIY Christmas Banister Decorating

December 8, 2015

There are so many wonderful areas of the home to decorate for Christmas both inside and out. Almost every home has a stair banister and this is a wonderful areas to decorate. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

This first one is just so bright and lovely that it truly becomes a focal point

bright banisterimage source:betweennapsontheporch

What you may want to do is start with a piece of inexpensive garland as the base for you to attach everything to. It also serves as the base for the mini lights. The whole concept here is to make sure you really load the garland with all kinds of bright ornaments.


This next idea is totally different. If you want a rustic look to go with your christmas theme then this a great choice

rustic banisterimage source:midwestliving

You can easily gather up the items you need for this if you live in an urban area. Or go visit where they are selling christmas trees and see if they will sell you the twigs.

If you want to keep it simple but whimsical then here is another option

simple banisterimage source:realsimple

This has a very clean but festive look to it.

Simple but beautiful is the best way to describe this next one

simple banisterimagesource:queenbee1924

This one is a real do it yourself project. It is going to take some work to gather up all the branches and twigs. Then once you get them you will want to either totally spray paint them or just tip them with some frosting or color. You can intertwine the fairy lights if you want to light it. The color you choose for your theme is going to create totally different looks. If you really want the elegant look then the gold is the way to go.

Modify this one to make it into a Christmas Theme

picture banisterimage source: beautifulbydesign

Now this one was done for a graduation but you could easily modify it and turn it into a Christmas theme. You could gather previous photos from past Christmases. Then give them a festive boarder. Next hand them on colorful festive ribbons cascading down the banister. at the end of each ribbon you could attach a christmas ball.

Whimsical and so much fun!

If you have plenty of children about the house during the festive season then you are going to love this one

whimsical banisterimage source: mylifeandkids

This will just get you started with coming up with some creative ideas. You could change the characters and create a totally different scene.


Remember to keep safety as the priority when you are decorating your banisters and stairways.

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