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Boots Beyond the Boot Planter

toddlers boots


Our children grow so fast that we can keep up with them. One sure way of keeping this as a reminder is by their boot size. Try keeping the boots from the toddler size and including each year, and you will soon have a collection of memory lane boots!

You may have remembered that at one time it was fun to get the kids to put their handprint in some fresh cement on the garden path, so it would be preserved forever. Problem is when you move you can’t take it with you.

Here is a wonderful way to follow the footsteps of your little one’s growth. Each year take one of their boots and turn it into a planter. Then line them up along your garden path. Each year you will have a new boot and a taller flower arrangement, just like your youngster.

Or if you don’t want to put them outdoors they would work wonderful on a wide windowsill.


Okay lets look at a few more quick and easy booth uses for the little boots.

Two year old Daddy’s Boot Caddy:

daddy's boot

If you want to give daddy a wonderful birthday gift or father’s day gift then keep that toddler’s boot that your little one has just grown out of.

Put a glass inside the boot and fill the glass with some papers and pens. You can pour some fine colored gravel around the glass to fill the boot. Now you have Daddy’s little girl or boy pencil holder and paper weight.

This is sure to bring back many wonderful memories to your child’s father for many years.


The Garden Caddy

garden caddy boot

How many times do you go out to the garden with all your small garden tools and they end up getting scattered everywhere?

Quick tip: Take one of your little one’s out grown boot and put a layer of grave in it to give it some weight. Now you have the perfect small garden tool holder that is easy to carry about the garden.



We hope you have enjoyed the Boot series, and instead of these boots being made for walking, these boots are made for memories







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